Cleaning services

360 Facility management La-Bolaget Facility Management A.E. is able to provide a range of services designed to smooth the operations of the client.

From cleaning services to stationary management, the company is able to provide reliable solutions for any need that may arise. The adoption of these services allows the customer to choose only one vendor to manage all the requirements that may occur in a facility, thereby reducing the time required for individual control of all processes and simultaneously reduce the operating costs of his enterprise.

Inseparable and at the same time the majority of the company’s operations is the provision of cleaning

Inseparable and at the same time the majority of the company’s operations is the provision of cleaning services. The quality of service we provide is perhaps the highest possible and attested by the more than 50 private hospitals and clinics to which we offer our services seamlessly over the last 15 years. This specialization in the hospital sector, where the requirements are very strict, has a direct impact on how the company trains its employees and offers its services. In every project we undertake we offer cleaning services comparable to those offered in hospitals, having a common policy in material supply, tools and machinery and a common policy in the way we train and manage our personnel.

The basic services we offer in the field of cleaning are:

  • Interior & exterior cleaning
  • Interior & exterior general (initial) cleaning
  • hospitals Cleaning
  • Cleaning of closed units (surgical, iCu, Phn)
  • Cleaning of schools and other institutions
  • Cleaning of hotel units
  • Daily cleaning of offices on an annual basis
  • Cleaning of industrial premises
  • On the spot carpet cleaning
  • Moquettes & Carpets Waterproofing
  • Maintenance and protection of floors (waxing & de-waxing of floors)
  • Crystallization of marble and mosaics
  • Cleaning of parking areas
  • Refuse collection
  • General cleaning glass
  • Window cleaning
  • Window cleaning at height
  • Cleaning of aluminum frames
  • Washing of building facades
  • Waterblasting
  • Cleaning of of awnings and signs
  • Waterblasting at high altitude

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