Fire protection systems maintenance

360 Facility management La-Bolaget Facility Management A.E. is able to provide a range of services designed to smooth the operations of the client.

From cleaning services to stationary management, the company is able to provide reliable solutions for any need that may arise. The adoption of these services allows the customer to choose only one vendor to manage all the requirements that may occur in a facility, thereby reducing the time required for individual control of all processes and simultaneously reduce the operating costs of his enterprise.

Our highly trained technicians can inspect and service all types of alarm Systems.

Fire alarm inspections & Maintenance
Fire alarm systems are required to be inspected in accordance with the state law. Our highly trained technicians can inspect and service all types of alarm Systems. Our software system will keep a record of when inspections are due so you never have to worry about being delinquent on required inspections. We can also provide training in the proper use and maintenance of your system so in a fire situation everyone will be prepared to respond appropriately.

Sprinkler & fire alarm service
The building has not just a fire sprinkler system, but a building fire alarm system as well. The two systems are almost always connected. La Bolaget FM has the ability to inspect both systems in accordance with applicable state codes. Our fire alarm and sprinkler technician teams can save you time and money by eliminating the coordination problems that arise when dealing with multiple companies to provide service on both systems.

A procedure to determine the status of a system by conducting physical checks on water-based fire protection systems such as water-flow tests, fire pump tests, alarm tests, and trip tests of dry pipe, deluge, or pre-action valves. These tests follow up on the original acceptance test at intervals specified by the law.

Inspection and maintenance of Portable fire Extinguisher
Portable extinguishers require periodic maintenance. La-Bolaget Facility Management S.A. can provide a complete inspection as required by the Greek law. We will make recommendations to ensure your facility is protected with the appropriate fire extinguishers. Any necessary repairs can be done on site while recharges can be done within 24h.

training in the use of fire Extinguishers
Employee training in the use of fire extinguishers should be an important part of your safety program. At LA Bolaget FM we offer a complete program of employee training in the use of portable fire extinguishers.

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