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The Company

The Company

The company offers work of high specifications for exigent customers in all Greece.

LA BOLAGET SA is one of the biggest companies in the field of provision of cleaning services. Established in 1976 in Stockholm Sweden and moved the services in Greece in 1983. Her multi-annual experience it constitutes guarantee for the customer. The centres of the company are based in the Municipality of Marousi with subsidiary companies in Thessalonica, in Larissa and collaborators in all big cities of Greece.

The executives of LA BOLAGET SA beyond the long-lasting experience that they gain through those years, also travel abroad each year in order to enrich their knowledge in new methods around the modern cleaning services. The company today occupies 790 individuals, and with the help of the most up to date mechanical equipment that are allocated within the company, they offer work of high specifications for exigent customers in all Greece.

In the effort for continuous improvement of the service quality offered, the company advanced in the ction of an applied quality control system based on the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 18001:2007 and ISO 14001 environmental systems. (Training of personnel, maintenance of equipment, control of cleaning program, personnel, materials, etc)

Our company, having established its position as one of the biggest player in the market nationwide, considers basic obligation towards our customers to provide comprehensive and high quality services, both using mechanical equipment and consumable art as and continuous upgrading of human resources.

With basic operating principles our direct supervision of the quality of our services by our experienced partners, continuing our updating on new technological devegular training of our staff and close communication with our customers, our partnership with a wide range of clients, both private and public sector, characterized by mutual trust, long-term business relationship and absolute consistency.

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