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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

We believe that every business should have a positive impact on our society.

According to the definition of the European Union, Corporate Social Responsibility is the voluntary commitment of companies to include in their business practices social and environmental actions that are above and beyond what is required by law and are related to all those affected by their activities (employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers, investors, consumers, communities in which they operate). (Source: “Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility”, Feb. 2005)

In La-Bolaget believe that every business should have a positive impact on our society. Along with the dynamic growth we are making the last 20 years we have worked actively and consistently within the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, developing innovative actions and presenting social work, both for the employees and for the Greek society.

The society, the workplace and the environment in which we live are the main areas of application of our strategy contributing forces to create better conditions for future generations.

We support financially and without fanfare, bodies and institutions that offer proved social work in our vulnerable groups of fellowmen.

We train each employee in our health and safety issues and invest without limit in products and methods of personal protection.

We use for our services certified ecolabel materials and recyclable products contributing in this way to preserve the natural environment.

We believe and are committed to ethical behavior, proper environmental management and social contribution.

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