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Environmental policy

Environmental policy

LA-BOLAGET SA, is aiming at a balanced economic development in harmony with nature.

LA-BOLAGET F.M. SA recognizing the need for continuous improvement in environmental performance based on the principles of sustainable development and compliance with laws and international standards, is aiming at a balanced economic development in harmony with nature.

By following a path of sustainable development, is committed to operating in a manner that ensures environmental protection and health and safety of workers, local community and the public. The company’s environmental policy statement is the company’s commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

The company’s policy to protect the environment is based on the following principles:

Take steps to protect the environment, complying with environmental legislation and environmental conditions.

Implements Environmental Management System to all activities of the production process.

Determines Objects and Purposes of Environmental Interventions.

Evaluate and improve the overall environmental performance, by training and implementing Action Plans to achieve specific environmental objectives and targets, and always with a fixed implementing period.

Adopts specific standards of environmental controls in internal operations.

Improves the overall environmental behavior especially in matters of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Hazards Emergency Response.

Applies the continuing education and training of personnel, the public, authorities and all those working with them in a spirit of sincere and mutual respect.

Consolidates the concept of ecological awareness and environmental vision, which inspires the highest hierarchical level, throughout the pyramid of employees in the company.

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