360 Facility management La-Bolaget Facility Management A.E. is able to provide a range of services designed to smooth the operations of the client.

From cleaning services to stationary management, the company is able to provide reliable solutions for any need that may arise. The adoption of these services allows the customer to choose only one vendor to manage all the requirements that may occur in a facility, thereby reducing the time required for individual control of all processes and simultaneously reduce the operating costs of his enterprise.

Cleaning Services

Inseparable and at the same time the majority of the company’s operations is the provision of cleaning services. The quality of service we provide is perhaps the highest possible and attested by the more than 50 private hospitals and clinics to which we offer our services seamlessly over the last 15 years.

Pest Control Services

The pest control services that the company offers cover all provisions of Greek legislation. Certified materials are used, while all the workers at the department are properly trained and with extensive experience in this field.

Electromechanical Services

Integral part of the provision of facility services of the company is the maintenance and repair of all types of electrical / mechanical systems such as air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, heating systems, gas systems, etc.

The company The company today occupies 790 individuals, and with the help of the most up to date mechanical equipment that are allocated within the company, they offer work of high specifications for exigent customers in all Greece.

Gardening Services

La-Bolaget Facility Management S.A. through a network of partners throughout Greece offers design, construction and maintenance of internal and external gardens.

Internal Construction and Decoration

Through a network of associates, our company has the ability to manage small scale constructions according to the customer’s needs.

IT Management Services

La-Bolaget Facility Management undertakes to solve the management problem by offering services which are designed to trouble free the operation of all installed systems.

Facility Management Services

HR Management Services

Our company has the ability to offer services designed to properly manage support staff, thus enabling the customer to have a fixed cost for these services.

Security Services

Our company offers a range of services relating to the installation and maintenance of sophisticated security systems as well as security personnel services.

Management of General Office Supplies

La–Bolaget Facility Management SA offers management services that can reduce the cost of a company whistle keeping the quality to the highest levels.